Monday, February 2, 2009

ok folks. 

jamie, i'm sure this one is for you... resident techie.  
how do i highlight a word within the text like this and turn it into a link for some other post or webpage?  i know you can do it.  i've seen you do it.  tell me tell me tell me how you do that trick.  i'll be your best friiieeend.


  1. lol, easiest way to make a friend ever! Ok, here is how you make it link.

    In the POSTING text box, select the text you want to link. Click the Link button (it's the 5th from the left), looks like a chain with the earth behind it. It will say "link" when you hover over it, but it takes a few seconds. Now, put the URL in that you want to link to. Let me know if you need anymore help :)


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