Monday, January 26, 2009

Here I am, toying with it again.

I suppose that by changing the font and adding pictures or something I can make spectacular, specialized sections wherein i publish a lengthy story or commentary right on the blog, separating itself from the other not so specialized comments.  Wow!  Just imagine the world of page layout that is opening itself up to me!  The more I fiddle around with this thing, the more incredible it becomes!  Wow-ee!  Perhaps soon I shall start a magnificent documentary, chapters of which will be entered periodically in this space...  Now I'm just talking to fill space to see how it looks when I am done.  Bear with me.  Did I spell bear right?  or should it be bare?  i guess it just depends on what i mean!  heh-heh...

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  1. This is fabulously fun to play with. I am commenting this with my iPod! Gotta go. Class time.


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